Wood Craft Blanks - Mountain Range

Inspired Tots


Introducing our new product... wooden craft blanks! What the heck is a "craft blank" you ask? It's an unfinished, cut of wood shaped as objects or basic shapes. They are perfect for painting or dyeing. Use as decor or sand them down for trendy wooden toys! We are proud to use Canadian Pine in our sets, and they are manufactured by hand right here in Ontario

Our mountain range is sure to be a favourite! Paint it as a winter mountain range or maybe nice grey hues for a spring range.... the sky is the limit!  Here's the specs on this new set:

  • measurements: see photo for width. 1" thick. 
  • wood: Canadian pine
  • quantity: 4 mountains in various sizes

We recommend you treat these pieces with sandpaper prior to use. The beautiful grain of the Canadian pine will lend itself well to dyes, but a quality paint will also make these pieces pop! 

Disclaimer: If you choose to use these craft blanks in your playroom, ensure they are sanded until no splinters remain and are treated only with non-toxic dyes, paints and sealers. 

A Few of our Favourite Brands!