Dropshipping Items



We are proud to offer a dropshipping option for some of our items! Please look for items marked DROPSHIPPING ONLY when purchasing. Click HERE to see our items available for dropshipping. 

What is dropshipping? Simply put... dropshipping is when the product is sent to you directly from the manufacturer, instead of routing through our warehouse. 

Why would I want to dropship? Well, you'll save money! Because we don't have to pay to ship the items to us, we don't have to pass that cost onto you. We also don't have to pay for storage of these items, or shipment packaging.

It's also better for the environment! Instead of items shipping to us and then to you, we can reduce the footprint of the items by having them sent direct to you. 

Can't I just order direct from the manufacturer myself? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Retailer-manufacturer relationships are built over time. We've spent the time and energy researching and finding legitimate manufacturers that comply with Canadian and American legal toy requirements. We work with a small select group of companies. We know that your order will get from them, to you, every time! 

Pros of dropshipping: 

  • Save money! 
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your purchases!

Cons of dropshipping:

  • Shipping tends to take longer. It can take upwards of a month or so to receive your items. 
  • Items will arrive separately than the rest of your Inspired Tots order.


Q: How does the quality of dropshipped items compare to the ones physically in your shop?

A: They are the exact same! You'll save some money by going the dropshipped route though! 


Q: Do items purchased via dropshipping count in the free shipping minimum order? 

A: Yep! As long as you meet the minimum order ($100 in Canada/$125 in USA) your order will ship for free! 


Q: My item is a gift. Will it come packaged all pretty for the recipient?

A: Honestly, no. Items coming direct from a manufacturer bypass our warehouse, and branding station. Your item will come packaged in grey wrapping, with no Inspired Tots logo.


Q: Who do I communicate with regarding my order?

A: Us! If you have any problems or questions about your order, reach out to us via our 'contact us' page!


Q: I've heard that items shipped via dropshipping can take forever to arrive, is that true?

A: No, definitely not. In our experience, dropshipped items can take around 4 weeks to arrive to your door. If you haven't received your items 6 weeks after ordering from us, please reach out! We hold our manufacturers accountable for getting the items to you within a reasonable amount of time, if they aren't doing that.. we want to know! Longer shipping times is the only drawback to saving money with a dropshipping option. 


Q: Does the manufacturer receive my credit card or personal information?

A: NO! Your personal information or credit card info is never passed onto the manufacturer! We have our own account with them that is used to pay for the items shipped to you. Your information is safe with us! 

If you have any questions regarding dropshipping for your items, please reach out via email or click 'chat with us' at the bottom of the main page!