March 2020 Activity Kit - Insects SOLD OUT!

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You'll be buzzing about this grab bag for weeks! (is that too cheesy.... I didn't think so! LOL!)

Spring is almost upon us, we hope, so it's time to start thinking about the bugs and the bees and all the little critters that come back out. This months activity kit, has all that and more! Here's what's included:

1 Hexagon ice cube tray, with lid

1 hexagon felt mat

1 create-a-bug kit, complete with everything you need to create custom bugs

10 mini lady bugs

10 mini bumble bees

8 Polaroid style real life insect identification cards, laminated for durability

1 realistic insect x-ray 

50 wooden hexagon shapes, in various sizes

1 bag of bug shaped pasta (contains gluten, intended for play not to eat)


I can't wait to see what you all create using this kit! Please tag us on Instagram #inspired tots or @inspired tots, or share your projects to our Facebook page @inspiredtots. We LOVE to hear from you guys! 

Grab bags are available in limited quantities, and are released on the 15th of each month. Sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on social media for sneak peeks of the releases! 

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